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1989 FMC Pumper has a 1,000 gallon water tank with a pumping capacity of 1,250 gallons per minute. It was named Emy, after Emy Marvin for her support of the Department. This attack pumper goes directly to the scene to attack the fire. It was purchased by the town for $198,000 and is housed at Winthrop Station. (Call sign 5-5-2)
1983 Pierce-Dash Pumper has a 750 gallon water tank with a pumping capacity of 1,250 gallons per minute. Purchased by the town for $115,594, this piece of apparatus is housed at Headquarters. (Call sign 5-5-3)
2004 Ferrara/Spartan features a six man, four door fully enclosed cab, a 1,500 gallons per minute pump, a 1,000 gallon water tank, built in Class A foam system and an all aluminum body construction. The engine is fully compliant with all NFPA and other agency standards. This engine is the primary fire attack engine for the downtown section of town. It was purchase by the town for $375,000 and is housed at Headquarters. (Call sign 5-5-4)
2007 American LaFrance LTI 100' Mid Mount Tower with 1000lb tip load, Detroit Series 60 with 515 horsepower, Seating for six, Hale 2000 gpm pump, 300 gallon water tank, two pre-connected 1-3/4 hand lines, 500' of 5" supply line, Full compliment of ground ladders, 10KW generator with two cord reels, Misc forcible entry and ventilation tools. This truck was purchased in December of 2012 from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Alabama after serving the city of Schenectady New York. After a 12 month refurbishment this truck now serves the town of Deep River and is housed at fire headquarters. (Call sign 5-7-1)
1989 Ford Tanker/Tender has a 1,800 gallon water tank with a pumping capacity of 500 gallons per minute. This tanker is used as mobile water supply for fires where water resources are limited. It was purchased by the Department for $5,000 and was generously refurbished by George Atwood of Atwood’s Auto Appearance. The Tanker/Tender is housed at Winthrop Station.
(Call sign 5-6-1)

2009 Spartan Gladiator Walk-Around Rescue is a custom built walk-around heavy duty rescue built by Crimson Fire of Brandon, South Dakota. Spartan Gladiator MFD cab & chassis with 10” raised roof, 15’ aluminum walk-around rescue body, 30 kW PTO generator, Storage for 27 spare SCBA bottles, Street level roll up doors, Three 100’ pre-piped hydraulic hose reels for extrication tools, Two 300’ electric cord reels, Assortment of roll out trays and tool boards for rescue and fire suppression items, 9000 watt telescoping light tower, Oil dry hopper in rescue body rooftop compartment. It was purchase by the town for $389,000 and is housed at Headquarters. (Call sign 5-9)

BRUSH TRUCK 1982 Chevrolet 4x4 Brush Truck is equipped with a Reading utility body and has a 250 gallon water tank with 85 gallon per minute Hale pump. I also carries various tools and equipment for fighting brush and wild fires. This truck was purchase by the Department for $20,037. This truck is housed at Winthrop Station. (Call sign 5-8)
2004 Munson Packman High Speed Landing Craft vessel is used for marine fire and rescue on the Connecticut River. This 24’ boat is powered by a 250 horsepower outboard motor and carries a 250 gallon per minute pump, miscellaneous tools and first aid equipment. This boat was purchased for $59,000.00 using Department funds raised through various fundraisers. (Call sign 5-2) Click Here for More Detailed Information
1991 Chevrolet 2500 pickup truck is used for traffic safety on highway calls and for utility work within the Department. Purchased through Department fundraisers at a cost of $18,414.
(Call sign 5-9-6)
1999 Ford Crown Victoria is a retired police cruiser that was transferred from the Deep River Police to the Fire Department in 2009 and is used as a general purpose vehicle. (Call sign Car 5)
1928 Maxim Pumper was the towns first modern pumper manufactured by the Maxim Motor Company. of Middleboro, Ma. The Department purchased the truck for $7,500. Nicknamed “Beulah” this veteran is still used by the Department for parades and has won multiple awards for “Best Motorized Antique”. (Call sign Beulah)
1901 Ladder Wagon was one the first pieces of equipment used by the Department. It was built by Frank Howard's Carriage Shop in Deep River. It carried (1) 50' Ladder, (1) 25' Ladder, (1) 20' Roof Ladder , Buckets and Helmets. Purchased at a cost of $150. This wagon is still used by the Department for parades and shows. (Call sign Ladder Wagon)